You Make A Difference

When you donate to the Animal Protection Society of Durham, you are helping thousands of deserving animals throughout our community. But what you might not know is that your donations also go to support our veterinary medical department, where our medical director and her team provide life-saving care.

We are fortunate because, unlike many other county shelters, every animal that comes to us receives thorough medical treatment inside our shelter. This includes vaccinations, examinations, and surgeries. In the past year alone, we have conducted and facilitated more than 2,198 spay and neuter surgeries, microchipped more than 1,300 animals, treated 64 dogs for heartworms, nurtured nearly 500 kittens through our foster program and performed many other necessary surgeries inside the shelter.

While most medical care is routine, sometimes we receive animals that need more extensive help. In those cases, Dr. Bishop and her team work diligently to provide top notch care.

One such patient was Suki, a puppy who arrived in our care with severe mange. With medical treatment from our veterinary staff, Suki was able to head home to a loving foster family. After some follow-up treatments with our team, Suki emerged healed and ready for adoption.

And Suki is not alone. We ensure that every adoptable animal in our care is vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and microchipped before they enter our adoption program. And if they need more specialized care, Dr. Bishop works alongside our local veterinary partners to get the specific help the animals need to recover.

Many animal care organizations simply do not have the medical resources we do. We do not take these services for granted, which is why your support is so critical to keeping our medical department running. Thanks to supporters like you, we’re able to take in and treat all animals in need, regardless of their health status, and give them another chance to have a great life and a positive impact on the community.

If you are able, please make your financial gift of support today. In these unpredictable times, every bit helps and touches the lives of the animals in our care. No gift is too small and every penny is important to meet the needs of our community – especially now. You may wish to extend your giving throughout the year and become one of our Faithful Friends with an ongoing, monthly donation. While all gifts are truly appreciated, our Faithful Friends help to ensure we have the resources to address our most critical needs all throughout the year.


Thank you!

Sincerely and for the animals,

APS of Durham