About AFH University (AFH U)

AFH U helps college athletes explore themes such as leadership, life skill development, advocacy, their role in the community, and how to discover their philanthropic passions through a series of facilitated workshops. AFH staff then works closely with each team to provide opportunities to engage in meaningful, impactful community work that align with the team’s passions. AFH U provides student-athletes the opportunity to:

  • Engage in meaningful, impactful community service
  • Experience the benefits of engaging in student leadership and student self-governance
  • Collaborate with student-athletes from other sports
  • Increase their involvement with the rest of the University community and the local community

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Why We Are Raising Funds

In honor and celebration of 10 years of AFH U, we are raising funds to support AFH's ongoing efforts to educate and empower thousands of student-athletes from across the country to find their philanthropic passions and effectively take action to positively give back to underserved communities and causes. Specific ways in which your generous donation can make a tangible impact in the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals can be found below.

For more information about AFH University and our work to date, please click here.

NOTE: If you are donating in support of a specific athlete or team, please be sure to indicate that as you complete your donation.

Community Impact

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