Ride Against AIDS 2013

The Ride Against AIDS is a unique and powerful cross-country bike ride dedicated to raising funds and awareness for FACE AIDS and Partners In Health. First undertaken in 2007 by two friends, the Ride is now an annual program embedded in FACE AIDS culture.

In June 2013, six years later, an intrepid group of eight riders - Amanda Feairheller, Dana Ballard, Kate Pipa, Laura Karson, Lisa Fawcett, Max Smith, and Eric Steinbrook - will carry on the Ride Against AIDS tradition. (Click on a rider name to view their personal page). Over 63 days, the team will bike 4,000 miles from the FACE AIDS National Office in San Francisco, California to the Partners In Health headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

Along the way, the team will give presentations about FACE AIDS, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and the role of youth in promoting social justice. In addition, each team member is working toward a goal of raising $10,000 to support the work of FACE AIDS and Partners In Health. 

In this way, the 2013 Ride Against AIDS team is joining FACE AIDS chapters across the country in celebrating Partners In Health's 25th anniversary year and contributing to the network-wide goal of raising $250,000 to support wrap-around care for HIV patients.

Click here to read more about the Ride Against AIDS and the 2013 Team. 

"Why I Ride"

Hear what motivated the 2012 Ride Against AIDS team to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and funds for FACE AIDS ... while biking over 4,000 miles from San Francisco to Boston!
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