Surfer FAQ's

Surfer FAQ's

What is the 100 Wave Challenge?

The 100 Wave Challenge is like a walk-a-thon, but way more fun! The goal for each surfer is to surf 100 waves in 1 day and raise at least $500 for the Boys to Men Mentoring Hawaii.


When is this event, and where?

This is the 1st annual 100 Wave Challenge for Boys to Men Mentoring Hawaii.  This year is the 9th annual for Boys to Men San Diego.

The event will be held on Saturday, October 27th, 2018 from 7:00am to 5:00pm at Kuhio Beach at Waikiki. 


Who will be participating?

Hundreds of surfers, foil surfers, boardboarders and SUP'ers will hit the water together, including international surfing legend Hans Hedemann and other professional surfers to be named soon.  


What is Boys to Men Mentoring? 

Boys to Men Mentoring Hawaii is a local 501(c)(3) Hawaii non-profit that has been in Hawaii for 5 years now. We provide a community of mentors and peers to fatherless and at-risk teenage boys at weekly meetings in middle schools and high schools.. We offer boys a safe place where they can talk about what is really going on in their lives, believe in them and help them make better choices. We are changing the lives of these boys, one at a time, with the love and support that many boys have never known. 

In addition to providing in school group mentoring, Boys to Men Mentoring provides field trips, movie nights, Adventure Camping Weekends and a Rites of Passage Weekend for boys to understand the deeper meaning of accountabilty, responsability and community service.


Where does the money from this fundraiser go?

Boys to Men Mentoring Haawaii is a private, nonprofit organization designated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the IRS.  The Boys to Men organization receives no government or state funding. We do not charge the schools or the boys's families for any of our programs.  Our programs are funded by fundraisers, grants, and private donations.

The average cost per boy for our school based mentoring program for approximately 12-15 boys, along with field trips, Adventure Camping Weekends and a Rites of Passage Weekend is $1,500.  


How do I sign up for the 100 Wave Challenge?

Easy! Go to . This will take you to our event page which is very user-friendly. At the end of the registration process, simply click "Register" and you will be good to go! If you would prefer that we do this step for you, email or call 808-927-5611 and we will get you registered ASAP!


What if I don't raise $500?

The goal of the 100 Wave Challenge is for each surfer to raise at least $500, but that number is just a goal. Some surfers will raise $3,000, $5,000 or even $10,000! If you are unable to reach the $500 goal, we understand and are still very grateful for your hard work for our cause. You are still more than welcome to surf with us on the day of the event, but please understand that the fundraising prizes (such as a wave counting watch) cannot be given to those who do not meet the minimum fundraising goals.


What if I can't surf 100 waves in 10 hours?

Like the fundraising goal of $500, surfing 100 waves in 10 hours is a goal. Some very experienced surfers will hit 100 waves by noon, while others may be at 50 waves at 4pm. You are still a champion in our eyes! 


How do I count my waves?

If you are a first-year surfer in the 100 Wave Challenge, and have met a fundraising goal of $1,000, you will receive a cool watch with a wave counting feature.


Can I really surf with Hans Hedemann?

Absolutely! Surfing legend Hans Hedemann and some of his pro-surfer friends will be IN THE WATER with you, catching 100 waves on October 27th! 


Will any of the Boys to Men boys and mentors be surfing?

Yes! Several of the boys in our program are currently learning to surf and some of our mentors will also be in the water the day of the event. Some of the mentors from Maui and the Big Island will also be particpating.


Will there be food/drinks and a place to rest on the day of the challenge?

You bet! We are so honored to have the support of many local businesses to make this event a success.  We will be having a food station making food all day along with drinks to keep you hydrated.

We are so excited to also have the Surfer's Lounge in the works again this year, where registered surfers can relax on a couch, store their boards


Can I bring friends or family to the event?

Please do! We would love to meet your support system, and everyone is welcome! (Please note that we can only provide sponsor-provided food and drinks for registered surfers, but the Boys to Men BBQ will be open to your friends and family as they cheer you on from the beach!)


Is this event only for elite surfers?

Absolutely not! We have sections for long boards, short boards, paddle boards... even boogie boards! 


How many surfers make up a team?

We usually suggest that teams are no more than ten (10) surfers. Usually teams are around 5-8 surfers in total.


How do I log in to my donor page?

Go to and click on "Log In." There you will enter the username and password you chose (or that we emailed you when we registered you) and you can then access your page to upload personal photos, videos, edit your "statement" to send out to donors and track your fundraising progress. 

If you have ANY problems at all, please reach out to Trevor at or 808-927-5611 and we will get you going! 


How do I ask for donations?

We understand that asking for money from friends, family and colleagues can be difficult, but so is growing up without a father. The boys in our program need your support! 


We suggest a three-step contact process: 

(1) Introduce the event and program and explain why this is something you are participating in (note that only 10% of donations are made on this first contact, but that is okay!) 

(2) About two weeks after your first email, make sure you remove anyone who has already donated and send a follow-up email. This should be a gentle nudge (there is a 30% response rate for this second email, so it is working!)

(3) Keep in mind that most donors will procrastinate. 60% of donations come in during the last two weeks of the events. This is when you ask one final time and explain again why this is a cause you believe in. Your donors are giving to Boys to Men because they support YOU! 


Can only men surf in the 100 Wave Challenge? What are the age restrictions?

Men and women, teens and children are all welcome to register and surf the 100 Wave Challenge! There are no age restrictions for the event. We want everyone to help raise money for Boys to Men Mentoring and be a part of the fun in the water on October 27th! 





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