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Please, donate on our team page-All money donated to this page has been transferred over to our team page, "Children of the World United LOFS".  If you cannot locate the pull down menu to do this, you can still donate here,  and the food bank can transfer your donation to our team page later.  Congratulation-We are getting closer to meeting our team goal of $1000.  Thank you for helping us stomp out hunger during these difficult times!!!


Hi! This year has been hard for so very many. I am starting a fundraiser to help feed people that are having difficulty putting food on the table. If you can help, any money you donate will be matched if donated by the end of 2020. You probably could use something positive to say about this year. Let us all say we helped feed our neighbors that lost their job, and may be struggling to make ends meet. I know I can count on Facebook to get the word out. You guys have never let me down before when I needed an ear or a kind word to cheer me up-Let us all now get together and show that if 2020 brought about anything, it turned our ashes into beauty by uniting us to help our neighbors-Let's do this!

Just click on "Donate", and you can your donation will go directly to the Food Bank NWI with your credit card or through your checking! It goes directly to the them, and again, any amount you donate will be matched 100%!!!

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