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Who we are

We are just 2 Publix people (Michelle Oliver and Jared Jaskiewicz) trying to do our part in raising some money for a fantastic local organization. We will be doing random fundraisers, shamelessly asking for donations, and if the price is right, will be up for sponsorship on the night of the derby. Sponsorship in this case meaning, you get to pick how we dress during the swan race. Just remember this is a family-friendly event :-)


What is LVIM and what do they do?

There are 83, 886 individuals in Polk County who do not have health insurance; that’s nearly 10% of our total population.

72,499 of these individuals are adults between the ages of 18 and 64.  They are parents, artists, servers, and health care workers.  They are students, self-employed entrepreneurs, lawn care technicians, and more!

LVIM exists to fill the gap in healthcare coverage for those who are working and uninsured.  Our patients do not qualify for government assistance, but cannot afford the price tag of high cost health insurance premiums.

Whether the company they work for doesn’t offer insurance or their family can’t afford what insurance is offered, families are left with nothing and no backup plan for when things go wrong. Without assistance, families rely on the emergency room as their healthcare provider, the bills rack up, often resulting in personal bankruptcy.  Or, worse, these individuals are caught with few resources and often feel they have no choice but to let chronic illnesses go untreated, often resulting in worse outcomes than if treatment had been available.

That’s where Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine steps in.

LVIM provides FREE, primary medical, dental and mental health care to those who are working and uninsured in Polk County, FL.

How can you help??

Donate! Absolutely no amount is too small, every little bit helps. As someone famous once said, pennies make dimes and dimes make dollars. 

If you're not able to donate, come cheer us on at the Swan Derby on 4/26. It's a free event where you will see us paddle a swan boat around Lake Morton racing the other teams. It's a lot more challenging than it looks, we promise.

Thank you!


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