Frequently Asked Questions

**Virtual Event Updates**

After the stay at home order expires, you can pick up your t-shirt, doggie bandana, and prizes in the Administration office located at: 5850 Brannen Rd. South, Lakeland, FL 33813.

No appointment needed. The Administration office is open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.

*If you live too far away to pick up the items in our Lakeland office, we can ship the items to you for a donation to cover the shipping costs.

You can access the virtual Walk starting at 8am on Saturday, April 18th and through 6pm on Sunday, April 19th at:


What kind of pets are allowed to attend the Walk? 

Dogs that are social and well behaved around strangers and other dogs are welcome to attend.  All dogs should be kept on a 6 foot non-retractable leash.  Dogs should have current ID and Rabies Vaccination tags.


How far is the actual Walk? 

The distance around Lake Mirror is approximately 1 ½ miles.


How do I get to Lake Mirror Promenade?

Directions to Lake Mirror Promenade are best secured through GPS using 121 S. Lake Avenue, Lakeland.  Location and map assistance will also be placed on our event web and home pages.

Do I need to bring chairs?

We recommend bringing blankets or chairs!

Can I register for the Walk at the Walk, or do I have to register online beforehand?

Day-of registrations are available; however, for ease and simplicity, pre-registration is recommended.


I didn’t turn in my cash/check donations that I gathered in before the deadline. What do I do with them? Can I bring them with me to the Walk and turn them in there?

Of course you can bring cash and checks the day of the Walk to the registration booth.  However, these donations will not be included for the overall category winner.  Submission of fundraising donations and solicitations are highly encouraged to be turned in prior to the walkThis will allow ample time to tally results and declare category winners!  You can continue to gather and turn in donations for the Walk up until after the event through May 6, 2020. But again, donations turned in to SPCA Florida on the day of the Walk and after the Walk will count towards your collections but not towards prize results.


Can I link my social media accounts even if I don't sign up with Facebook or Twitter?

Yes. Simply log in to your account, navigate to "Share Event", and you'll find "Share on Facebook" and "Share on Twitter" options. Click either tab for instructions on how to link your social accounts in order to share posts right out of the event. 


Can I register as an individual and then decide later to join a team?

Yes! If you have signed up as an individual and later on find a team you'd like to join, simply navigate to that team's fundraising page and click the "Join our Team!" button.


Can I change teams?

Yes. If, for instance, you've moved into another department at work where another fundraising team is in place, you can leave one team in order to join another. Log into your fundraising page, navigate to the "Our Team" tab, and click "Change Teams". Here you'll be prompted to leave your existing team and search for the team you'd like to join. 


Can I claim my personal donation, or tell team members or sponsors they can claim their donation as a tax write off? 

SPCA Florida is a registered 501(c)3 charity. However, all donors/participants should seek tax guidance from a trained professional as to the taxable nature of their involvement for any donation to a charitable organization.


Can I "tag" team members in my pictures? 

If you choose to add photos to your fundraising page, either on the slideshow or in another area on your page, there are no tagging capabilities. However, posting images on social media platforms, tagging friends and family, and linking to your personal or team fundraising page can be done!


If I don't have a YouTube or Vimeo account, is there a way to upload videos to my personal or team fundraising page?

Unfortunately, no. Using personal links to videos that live on YouTube or Vimeo keeps the page load times of your team or personal fundraising pages optimized. If users were able to upload video files, your page load time would be slowed down.


How do I change my team name?

Unfortunately, you can't edit your team name from your team Fundraising Page once the team is created. However, you can contact Sandra at to request a name change. 


If I forget my password, how do I log in? 

Click the "Log in or Sign up" button in the top right hand corner of the screen and select "Forgot your password?" Enter the email address you created your account under and a password reset email will be sent to that email address.


When do we get our T-shirts and pick up prizes?

T-shirts and prizes can be picked up April 10th- April 17th, from 8am until 6:00pm on the campus of SPCA Florida at the Administration buildingIf you have any additional donations, you can bring them when picking up your prizes. You may also pick up at the Walk for Animals event, but to save time, we recommend picking up earlier during the week.


Does all the money donated go to SPCA Florida?

100% of the funds collected during the 2020 Walk for Animals goes to SPCA Florida.


Is there public acknowledgement for sponsorships over a certain amount?

Yes. Sponsors over a certain dollar amount are acknowledged. For details, visit our sponsorship page.


I accidentally registered twice. Can I get one of the fees back?

Currently, users are restricted to only being able to register and create a fundraising account ONCE per email address. If you accidentally register twice under two different email addresses, the registration fee cannot be refunded. 


What if people want to donate to me personally, but don’t want to register for the Walk? How will they find my page?

You are encouraged to share your personal fundraising page link with your friends and family in order to give them the quickest and easiest way to navigate to your fundraising page. This link can be found when you log in, click "Fundraising Tools," and click "Copy My Page URL." Once you copy that URL, you can send it to your friends and family so they can easily find your page. 

If you have not sent your URL to someone who is looking to donate to your fundraising goal, they can find your personal fundraising page by navigating to the Search bar in the top left hand corner. Here they can type your name and click your page when it appears.


What if I want to register for the event and receive a T-shirt, but I can't walk the day of the Walk?

It is perfectly okay to register for the event and receive your T-shirt, but not walk on the day of the event. You still have to register (submitting a donation will not automatically get you a T-shirt), but it is perfectly acceptable to support the Annual Walk for the Animals in this way. Shirts can be picked up the week of the event. Designated times will be announced as the date of the Walk approaches.


I accidentally added donations to the SPCA directly instead of a specific individual or team fundraising page. Can I change this so my donation is reflected under the desired participant or team's fundraising goal? 

Please contact to request that a donation be moved to a specific team or participant's fundraising goal.


Can my team come dressed as a theme?

We absolutely encourage themes for any and all teams.  Let the creativity flow.  Plus, if you're participating in a company team or sponsorship, decking your team out in company logo-ed attire can result in a walking billboard for your company!


Can my team advertise our business or organization on our team and individual fundraising pages? 

Your individual and team pages are controlled by you and the content placed on them is yours to use in support of your organization and SPCA Florida.