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In July 2016, Olivia was diagnosed with Stage 4 Wilms Tumor.  Wilm's Tumor is a cancer that is most known for beginning in the kidneys. In Olivia's case, the tumor developed in her pelvic floor muscle and metastasized to her lungs.  Olivia had several rounds of chemotherapy treatment at VCU.  The tumor was reduced in size and removed with surgery. However, microscopic remnants of the tumor became more aggressive and resistant to most treatment combinations.  Olivia underwent more rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  After a courageous fight, Olivia opted for her Angel Wings on May 26, 20017.  Prior to her passing, Olivia was part of a small fundraiser that was orchestrated to give back to the ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation.  I will never forget her words, "Daddy, don't forget to give the check to the ASK Foundation".  Olivia loved The ASK Foundation very much because they were there for her 110%.  Their support came in the form of smiles, games, hugs, snacks, book reading, family events and much more.  The DeVeaux Family is in full support of all ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation's fundraising goals and humbly ask that you join us.





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