2023 Bark on the Boards


October 14, 2023 11:00am - 2:00pm

Changing Animal Lives One Pawprint at a Time

Animal sheltering isn't just snuggling puppies and kittens. Sure, on a good day, that's a perk. But more often than that, we, as staff members of the BVSPCA see the tough places these animals come from, what their stories were before they find their furever homes. 

Sometimes we rescue them. We rescue them from places that force them to fight, or neglect them. We fly them in so that they aren't forgotten during natural disasters, or from states where there are far more animals in need, than families to take them in. 

Sometimes they find us. They're found wandering the streets in the heat or the cold. They're given up by families who love them but can't support them. We work hard to reunite lost pets with the families who are missing them. 

We give these animals medical care, and behavioral training, and all the love and support they could ever need until the right family walks into the door and welcomes them into their home. 

And it isn't just about the animals. In fact, we could do all the work in the world for the animals, but if we didn't help the people in our communities, it wouldn't matter. 

So we do what we can to keep pets with people who love them; even if they've fallen on hard times. We deliver food and provide low cost medical care to pets whose families can't afford it. We bring animals to human populations who need to know what it feels like to experience unconditional love. 

And we work to educate and empower the youth of today, because we know that they are not only the pet parents, but the animal advocates of tomorrow. 

These are just some of the many pieces we dedicate not just our work, but our lives to, as a part of Team BVSPCA. We work to rescue them because they've always rescued us. 

And now we're asking for your support. 

Please consider donating to our Bark on the Boards campaign - you'll be helping us to rescue these animals, one pawprint at a time. 





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