Tonka Cheer Program Overview

The Minnetonka High School Cheer Team has a storied history as a competition cheer team both on the mat and in our community.  Each season, the team works hard for 10 months to compete at the State, Regional, National and World levels.  They also spend time in our community volunteering at Youth Clinics, Community Events and the Tonka Freeze Competition and of course, cheering at Tonka Football games.

MHS Varsity has 26 State, 6 National and 3 World Championships in Competition Cheer.  Your tax deductible donation will directly support the program.  This ranges from mats to uniforms to travel to equipment and more.  We appreciate your support at every level and GO TONKA!!!

My Personal Message

Sophia and the Tonka Cheer teams are working hard and are very excited about their upcoming cheer season. Sophia is raising money for her team to help support their training, skills, travels, and more... Each season the athletes in the Tonka Cheer program work for 10 straight months to compete at local, state, regional, and national competitions. In addition to competing, these athletes spend time in the Minnetonka community volunteering at various community events and local businesses. The teams even provide a Cheer camp for our local youth that sees roughly 100 kids

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