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It’s time to again to lace up your walking shoes and  join  Team TNT Dynamite  for the Michigan Parkinson Foundation’s  the annual Walk for Parkinsons.

I wanted to let you know how I’m doing living with Parkinsons.  I am doing quite well physically.   I continue to have balance issues  which makes walking a challenge. But still plan on walking a shorter route.  I will always have to work on voice and speech.

It has been a hard row and at times I get depressed, missing my old life.   I don’t want to want to be a downer,  but I do want to be honest.

It is often said in the Parkinson’s community, “if you meet a person with Parkinson’s, you have met one person with Parkinson’s.”  Which means Parkinson’s presents itself in many and varying ways.  Some people have severe dystonia (stiffness) while others may have dyskinesia (involuntary movements).  Many have tremors.  Symptoms also include problems with balance, difficulty sleeping. One thing for sure is, every day, Parkinson’s takes little bit more away.

I cannot thank you enough you for your continued support.






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  • Tom & Beckie Corner September 2023 $110.00
  • MELINDA Motz September 2023 $100.00