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I know my story has been shared for the last several years now - 8 years to be exact. Over these past 8+ years, my trauma experience has evolved. The trauma has become less, but the impact it has had on our immediate family is not lost on us. It's been over 8 years since I went through our first pregnancy and wound up with preeclampsia at 32 weeks - ultimately delivering at 34 weeks. A 3lb, 4oz, 17.5 inch baby came into our lives much sooner than expected. A spunky, smart, & strong little girl entered our world just late enough, but still very premature. Most importantly, because my doctors recognized symptoms that I couldn't even feel - because high blood pressure can be a silent killer - I was able to get the care I needed to save myself and daughter. My "situation" could have gone south real quick. Awareness is key. Awareness is everything. You need to check your blood pressure, you need to speak up when you don't feel right. You need to speak up even if it's something minor or even what you may think is "stupid" - even if it's not your first pregnancy - because this can happen to any woman, any pregnancy. We thank you for any donation towards research for this pregnancy complication!

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