4.01k Fun Run & Phocus Charity Car Show

Benefiting Junior Achievement of Arizona

Event Details

Saturday, February 24th 

Fun Run Day Details 
Registration Opens at 8:00am
4.01k Fun Run Starts at 9:00am
Registration Cost
$35 per person

Car Show Details
Registration Opens at 8:00am
Registration Cost
Please bring a donation for one of our partnering schools

Phocus Financial

7600 N 16th St STE 100, Phoenix, AZ 85020


Receive a dollar for dollar AZ Tax Credit when you donate!

Junior Achievement is a Qualifying Charitable Organization,which means any donation you make to us could qualify for a dollar-for-dollar charitable tax credit. Donations can still be made for your 2023 tax return! This tax credit is money you as a taxpayer can subtract from taxes owed to the government. Depending on your tax situation, you could claim up to a $421 tax credit if you are filing as “single,” “head of household,” or “married filing separate” or up to $841 if you are “married filing joint”. Essentially, instead of paying those taxes to the government, you are making a donation to Junior Achievement to help more low-income students receive our valuable education. And, by making that donation, you will either owe less taxes or receive a bigger refund, depending on your tax situation.

Recent Activity

About Junior Achievement

For more than 65 years, Junior Achievement of Arizona (JA) has been empowering the futures of millions of Arizona students by giving them the knowledge and skills they need to manage their money, plan for their future, and make smart academic, career and economic choices. Delivered by 9,500 business and community volunteer mentors, our hands-on, age-appropriate programs focus on three key areas: financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.

Thanks to your support, last year we served over 170,000 Arizona students. For every $34 you raise, you will sponsor one Arizona Student through our program! Together, we are empowering young people to own their economic success!

Check out JA BizTown®

Facts About Junior Achievement of Arizona

  • Junior Achievement of Arizona serves over 170,000 students each year.
  • Junior Achievement of Arizona utilizes over 9,500 volunteers each year to deliver JA programs to students.
  • Junior Achievement of Arizona partners with over 370 schools each year
  • Junior Achievement of Arizona serves students Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Junior Achievement of Arizona’s 20+ programs focus on Financial Literacy Work Readiness and Entrepreneurship.
  • Junior Achievement of Arizona programs are provided at no cost to students in the classroom. JA must raise $34 per student.  
  • Since its inception in 1957, Junior Achievement of Arizona has served more than 2 million students.
  • Between 100-200 students come every school day to run our two student-sized towns called JA BizTown.
  • Junior Achievement of Arizona exists to teach these students about the importance of money management, workforce readiness and entrepreneurial thinking, and make the connection between classroom learning and the real world.

Our Newest Participants

  • Lucas Berger Lucas Berger
  • Kai Bautista Kai Bautista
  • Lauren Allen Lauren Allen
  • Sandra López Sandra López
  • Jody dreyfuss Jody dreyfuss
  • Alexander Gutierrez Alexander Gutierrez
  • Benjamin Gutierrez Benjamin Gutierrez
  • Ashlyn Harley Ashlyn Harley
  • Karl Weiss Karl Weiss $35.00 raised
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Car Show Donations

If you would like to showcase a car, we ask that you bring a donation for one of our partnering schools: Mary McLeod and Frye Elementary. Here is a list of a suggested items. Monetary donations will also be accepted. 

Wish List from Mary McLeod

  • Gift Cards (Amazon, Target etc.) 
  • #2 Pencils and Sharpeners
  • Black Pens, Red Pens, Markers, Crayons, Highlighters
  • Post-its
  • student desk dividers https://www.reallygoodstuff.com/search/?text=diviers
  • Glue Sticks
  • Notebooks
  • Large classroom rugs 
  • Clear pockets for worksheets (https://a.co/d/geiXIrn)
  • Dry erase markers with eraser lids
  • Plastic Folders
  • New microwaves for staff lounge
  • Laminator with plastic sleeves
  • Paper cutter 
  • Stickers
  • Keurig dark roast pods
  • Clipboards
  • Chart paper (lined, unlined and grid)
  • Sports equipment
  • Basketball hoop nets

Amazon Wish List from Frye Elementary