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My family and friends,

   I met the love of my life, Brandon, in March of 2018 shortly after moving back from Boston to start my Master's in Social Work. We got married in October of 2019 and survived the early days of the pandemic as a newly married couple living together for the first time.

       We decided we wanted to start a family, even in the uncertain times of Covid-19. We found out we were pregnant on Christmas Eve 2019. It was a wonderful present. I had a perfect pregnancy healthwise and was REALLY ready to give birth. Of course, Roan decided to come late, not the end of August, but September. That is when life changed in ways I didn't know could happen. After 36 hours of induced labor and no Roan, we had a c-section. I had off the charts BP and plus rates with a 106 fever. I thought I was going to die in my delirium. After a 7 day stay in the hospital I went home with my little family, a scared mom. One week after, I had been feeling off with a constant headache, anxiety, and shortness of beath walking upstairs with my new baby. I went for a routine follow up and was admitted to the hospital for monitoring. The next seven days I had blood tests, MRIS, X-rays and consults with cardiology and was told I had postpartum preeclampsia, a rare condition. It was like an anvil hit me. The magnesium drip protected me from brain damage, but not much else could be done. My BP went sky high to stroke levels. I never felt so much fear, I thought my life was over and it was a sharp contrast to the beautiful family life I finally found.

    Finding a preeclampsia foundation support group through a wonderful HC friend, Caitlin, changed my life. I realized I was not alone, and I found a community of women who helped me feel understood and supported. My birth story was not the picture-perfect event I hoped it would be. I now have a life long battle with hypertension, which was never an issue for me before giving birth. The research for preeclampsia, HELP, and postpartum preeclampsia is finally gaining the momentum and attention it deserves. My story is mild compared to so many others. Your support is not just for my family, but for so many who have suffered this experience that is "rare" but actually impacts more people than you know.

Join us in the fight for better prenatal and postpartum care, better research, and hopefully a cure for Preeclampsia in all its forms!


Brooke, Brandon, and Roan Fitzgerald

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