Payment FAQ

How do I receive the total on purchases and donations I made throughout the evening?

All purchases and donations will be viewable in your cart in the GIVI app. You can also view all purcahses and donations through your web browser by visiting the event page and clicking on the cart in the top right corner of the page. Our staff will be traveling on the day of the event, therefore all carts may not be fully updated until 5:00pmEST on Monday follwoing the event. 


Will you automatically bill my credit card on file?

Our staff will be traveling the day after the event. Within a few days, we will close out the event and we will automatically bill the credit card on file by the following Tuesday at noon EST.  If you would like to pay by another method or split your payment, please see a staff member or contact before you leave for the evening.  


Can I split my payment?

There is currently not an option to divide payments across multiple payment types through this platform. However, you can contact and she can process split payments for you.


Can my partner and I combine all of our donations and purchases to be billed together?

Yes! If you and another bidder wish to combine your purchases into one account to be billed together please contact after receiving your invoices.


What is Gift Assist?

Gift assist is an opportunity for donors to help the fundraising organization cover processing and usage fees associated with credit card transactions. You will have the option at checkout to select to cover these fees if you are so inclined.


Can I donate through a Donor-Advised Fund?

Yes! Because the DSF is a 501c3 charitable organization, you can donate through any community or national Donor-Advised Fund (DAF). To process your DAF, please contact


Can I purchase a sponsorship with a Donor-Advised Fund?

Depending on the sponsorship level you MAY be able to purchase a sponsorship through your DAF. You are unable to receive anything of value in return for your donation via a DAF, so if you are selecting sponsorship that includes tickets, you may request the tickets are removed as one of your sponsor benefits.


Other FAQs


If I purchase a sponsorship but can’t attend the event can I gift my tickets to someone else?

Yes! Once your purchase is complete, you can allocate your tickets however you wish, or donate them back to the foundation, who will allocate them to local families to attend.


Can I specify who my gift is in honor of?

When you make a purchase or donation you can specify who you would like to honor with that gift in the “donation message” window.