2021 JA Inspire (Formally JA You're Hired)

Building on more than a decade of success and proven impact through JA’s premiere JA You’re Hired program, the all NEW JA Inspire is an interactive, VIRTUAL career readiness and exploration program for high school and middle school students that gives them the skills they need to succeed in their future careers. JA Inspire has two parts, beginning with a volunteer-led curriculum in the classroom designed to build career readiness and skills valued in the global job market. Then, students participate in the JA Inspire virtual event. Here, thousands of AZ high school and middle students will participate in workshops, competitive sessions, networking, career exploration, interviewing and more! Not all students have access to meaningful mentorship, especially around future careers. JA Inspire offers students just that – the opportunity to learn critical work readiness skills needed to thrive in their future careers from experienced Arizona volunteer mentors.

Event Details

Friday, March 26th 
9:00am - 2:00pm


Check out last years event!

About Junior Achievement

For more than 60 years, Junior Achievement of Arizona (JA) has been empowering the futures of millions of Arizona students by giving them the knowledge and skills they need to manage their money, plan for their future, and make smart academic, career and economic choices. Delivered by 9,500 business and community volunteer mentors, our hands-on, age-appropriate programs focus on three key areas: financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.

Thanks to your support, last year we served over 80,000 Arizona students. For every $34 you raise, you will sponsor one Arizona Student through our program! Together, we are empowering young people to own their economic success!

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Junior Achievement is now a Qualifying Charitable Organization,which means any donation you make to us could qualify for a dollar-for-dollar charitable tax credit. This tax credit is money you as a taxpayer can subtract from taxes owed to the government. Depending on your tax situation, you could claim up to a $400 tax credit if you are filing as “single,” “head of household,” or “married filing separate” or up to $800 if you are “married filing joint”. Essentially, instead of paying those taxes to the government, you are making a donation to Junior Achievement to help more low-income students receive our valuable education. And, by making that donation, you will either owe less taxes or receive a bigger refund, depending on your tax situation.