2021 Sunflower Rev It Up for Parkinson's

There's Something About Mary

The Engel Family would like to thank all of the friends and family who have come out the past five years to support our team, There's Something About Mary. We have been overwhelmed by the donations and participants who show up each year to support sweet Mary. Please consider joining our team once again this year to support the UC Gardner Center for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders on September 12th!


There’s Something About Mary

What can I say about our mom, Mary? She is the mother of 4, grandmother of 11, outstanding cook, incredibly creative… a woman of many talents. She is often referred to as “Martha”, a la Martha Stewart. Oh, and she happens to have Parkinson’s disease.

She would never tell you about that, because she rarely talks about herself. She is always more focused on those around her. Since her diagnosis, I have never heard her ask, “Why ME?” I have always said one of the best life lessons my parents have imparted to my brothers and me it the power of resilience. Sometimes life will knock you down. It’s OK. You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and forge ahead. I see now that our mom truly walks the walk. She handles all of life’s challenges with strength, grace and resilience… including dealing with Parkinson’s.

In a world that has become so focused on ME, ME, ME, I am so glad I grew up with a mom who understood the power of WE. If my brother’s or I ever had problems at school, at home we knew WE were always accepted. On days that the weather was cold and bitter, we knew WE could come home to warm conversation and a hot, delicious meal. No matter what mistakes we made (and we all made quite a few), we knew WE were always loved.

On the day I got engaged, as we popped the champagne, my dad said to my future husband, Brian, “If she turns out half as good as her mother, you will have made a great choice.” I am truly still trying to be half as good as this wonderful woman. She has set the bar high.

Our team name for the race is, There's Something About Mary. If you are fortunate enough to know my mom, then I am sure you get it. She has an undefinable quality that puts everyone at ease and makes everyone feel welcome. WE always feel loved and cherished in her presence.

Please consider joining my family as WE participate in the Sunflower Rev It Up for Parkinson’s Event. WE can Step Out for Parkinson’s. WE can forge ahead. WE can make a difference.  

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  • Amy McGoldrick There truly is something special about Mary! September 2021 $104.00
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