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               Richard Muncaster, owner of Muncaster Financial Group and Meals on Wheels of Greenville Corporate Route Partner, has teamed up with his wife Sheri and son Mills, to race against the clock and compete for the title of Mealed It! Champions!

“As a family and as an organization, we strongly believe in our responsibility to support our community, local organizations, and its people to the best of our ability. Through our involvement, we know the impact that Meals on Wheels of Greenville has on the lives of the people being served as well all the volunteers and staff. We have been blessed with the opportunity to build relationships, have meaningful conversations, deliver healthy meals, provide assistance, and to bring a smile to so many people that might not have these opportunities otherwise. – Richard Muncaster  

With a donation of $10 to support Meals on Wheels of Greenville's Giving Tuesday efforts this holiday season, you can vote for the team you think deserves to win the final championship!

To vote for Team Muncaster, text Mealedit23 + Muncaster + Amount to 50155

For example, if you are sending one vote you would text MealedIt23 + Muncaster + $10Please be sure to use the text as displayed including spaces and symbols

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  • Richard Muncaster November 2023 $850.00
  • Anonymous November 2023 $200.00
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  • Neal & Roxie Munn November 2023 $100.00
  • Will Riley November 2023
  • Harper GC Thank you for all you do!! November 2023 $1,500.00
  • Richard Muncaster November 2023 $850.00
  • Thomas Simmons November 2023 $500.00
  • Anonymous November 2023 $200.00
  • L. McElrath October 2023 $200.00