Together we can continue to make a difference in the fight against Prion Disease!

No family is ever ready for a diagnosis of Prion Disease. Thanks to your support of the CJD Foundation, there is a place for families to turn to for facts about CJD, caregiving resources, peer connections, and a listening ear.

Your continued generosity menas that the CJD Foundation can:

  • Provide information and support to families who contact our HelpLine, including referrals to free studies and drug development updates.
  • Bring expert and peer viewpoints to families through caregiver support groups, webinars, and the annual CJD Foundation Family Conference.
  • Update Congress about the impact of CJD on families and the needs tor continued surveillance and research.
  • Organize medical education sessions to inform physicians and other professionals about CJD symptoms, diagnostics, caregiving, autopsy programs, and more.
  • Educate funeral professionals who have questions about CJD.
  • Fund Prion Disease research to help launch studies on disease mechanisms, diagnostics, and treatments.

You have the power to help those affected by Prion Disease. Your gift can ensure that our programs, including our 7-day helpline, support groups, caregiver resources, and bereavement groups, are there for those who need them. Your gift will ensure that our research grant program, which has awarded nearly $5 million in grants, continues to fund new studies on Prion Disease mechanisms, diagnostics, and treatments.

We hope you will help us expand this important work by making a donation today, of any amount. If you employer matches donations, please request a match to complement your personal contribution.

Together we can continue to make a difference in the fight against Prion Disease!

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