Welcome To Our Dragon Boat Family!

The Dream Factory Manitoba School Dragon Boat Challenge, Presented by FIRMA Foriegn Exchange. It is one of the largest school activities in the province. More importantly, it is also a fundraiser for The Dream Factory, a local charity dedicated to fulfilling dreams for Manitoba kids who are battling life-threatening illnesses.  We are based in Manitoba and all funds raised stay in the province.

We are hoping that Manitoba school kids and their families will help us help Manitoba sick kids and their families by raising a minimum of $75 per paddler, or $1,500/team.

Everything we do is focused on helping sick kids and their families.

If that isn’t incentive enough to gather pledges, then please read on:

  1. There is a special recognition race for the Top Eight Fundraising teams, and the fastest three teams each receive a trophy!
  2. There are special bursaries for the Top Three Fundraising teams!
  3. There are gift certificates from Chapters for each of the Top Three Individual Fundraisers!

How do you get involved? Easy, get your Team Captain to register your team for fundraising on this site, then join the team online and reach out to friends and family across the country to safely and securely gather online pledges. Or you can gather pledges from family, friends and neighbours and record them on the pledge form that you can print off from this site, or get from your Team Captain. All individual pledges gathered will contribute to their Team’s Total.

To find out more about helping to make a Dream come true and bring joy into the life of a sick kid, please e-mail, or phone 204-989-4010. Thank you!

Thank you for helping us bring dreams to life!

Please note that this page is for School paddlers to register for FUNdraising. To register your team to paddle in the event, click here



Fundraising Ideas:

Team FUNdraising Ideas;

Car Wash – approach a restaurant or service station (that doesn’t have a car wash) or a church. Mention that you would like to host a team car wash to raise money for The Dream Factory. (You may want to explain who The Dream Factory is and what we do). You want to pick a date near a pay day, and have the car wash publicized through the organization or business, and perhaps as a Community Event in the media.

Yard/Garage Sale – have everyone on the team collect sale items from friends and family, and hold a garage or yard sale, with the proceeds going to the team donation for The Dream Factory

Lemonade Stand - Gets your kids to sell lemonade at a stand on a beautiful day and sell to neighbours and passersby. This fundraiser works great in conjunction with a community 
garage sale. 

Bake sales or ice cream sales - at a garage sale, used book sale, pancake breakfast.

Yard Clean-up – have team member’s offer to rake, clean and mow neighbours yards and add the money earned to the Team’s fundraising total. Explain that your team is fundraising for The Dream Factory.

Sell Mom’s Pantry Products, Bothwell Cheese, or Aunt Sarah’s Delicious Chocolate Bars, etc.

Ask local businesses to sponsor your team

Individual FUNdraising Ideas;

Go to your Fundraising Dashboard and donate $10 to yourself then link it to your social media pages and explain that you are gathering pledges for The Dream Factory (you may want to explain what we do and that the money raised stays in Manitoba). Ask folks for their support for your fundraising.

Go to your Fundraising Dashboard and donate $10 to yourself. Then use the e-mail template on the site (or make it more personal) and send to 5 or 6 friends, relatives or co-workers and ask for their support. Or just cut and paste the link to your Dashboard into an e-mail and send.

Approach neighbours and relatives Offer to do odd jobs such as raking or mowing the lawn, washing the car, cleaning the garage, weeding the garden,  or doing other errands while explaining that the money you make will be donated to The Dream Factory. 

Walk the Neighbour’s dog – If you know and like the dog(s) and you are both comfortable with one another, offer to walk your neighbour’s dog, explaining that you are raising money for The Dream Factory.

 Ask to leave a Donation Jar, Pledge Form and a Letter explaining who you are fundraising for and why at some local businesses.

Donate $10 and ask 7 friends or relatives or neighbours to do the same, explaining where the money will go to.