Sunflower Rev It Up Devou Hill Climb Challenge

Brought to you by Montgomery Cyclery and Queen City Wheels

August 1-31, 2020


Ride the Sunflower Rev it Up Strava segment starting from Route 8 to the Devou Park Overlook as many times as you want and vie for the coveted KOM (King of the Mountain) and QOM (Queen of the Mountain) titles!

Montgomery Cyclery is awarding $500.00 gift certificates to both the overall KOM and QOM.  Smaller age group awards will also be given!

Please make sure to register before you make your attempts to qualify for awards and prizes. Only attempts made after registration and during the month of August will be eligible. We appreciate your support!

**Please be advised roads may be temporarily closed due to intermittent construction on Devou Drive. Schedules may vary.**

**Roads are best after 2pm during the week and all day on weekends.**

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Jerseys are $96 each.  A portion of all sales benefit the University of Cincinnati Gardner Family Center for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders at the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute

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 All sales are final once they are placed.  The team store will be open through October 1st. Once the store is closed, no additional orders can be accepted. 

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Sunflower Rev It Up Devou Hill Climb Challenge PSA

Interested in signing up? Details below!


  • Register for the Sunflower Rev It Up for Parkinson’s  event!
  • The Hill Climb Challenge is managed through the Strava app. If you are not already using Strava, you can sign up for a free account HERE. You do not need to sign up for a Premium account, but doing so will let you view the Leaderboard at any time.  Strava offers a 30 day free trial of Premium, however, like any trial you will need to enter your credit card information, and if you do not wish to keep it, cancel before the end of the trial.
  •  Join the Sunflower Rev It Up club on Strava.
  • Ride data needs to be uploaded to Strava from a compatible GPS tracking device. Almost all cycling computers can do this easily. (The procedure varies between brands, but is usually automatic once set up.) This can also be done from any fitness watch, fitness tracker, or even a smart phone with a tracking app.
    • Instructions on how to connect to Strava from a Garmin device are HERE.
    • Instructions on how to connect to Strava from a Wahoo device are HERE.
    • Instructions on how to connect to Strava from a Fitbit are HERE.
    • Instructions on how to connect to Strava from an Apple watch are HERE.
    • Instructions on how to connect to Strava from a Polar device are HERE.
  • Go for a ride! The challenge segment is located in Covington, and climbs from KY Route 8 on Western Ave. to right on Devou Dr. into the park, ending just before the stop sign. It is 1.1 miles long at an average gradient of 4%, with a steepest section of 6.5%. On the Strava page for the segment you can view the all time leaderboard, or select various filters to narrow it down. Under “My Clubs” you can select Sunflower Rev It Up to see just the standings for challenge participants. It is recommended you narrow the time frame down to “This Month” to see only the rides that are occurring during the challenge period. Unfortunately, Strava does not let you apply multiple filters at the same time, so you can’t see age group standings inside the club. Age groups will show everybody who is riding the segment, whether they are an entrant or not.
  • For cycling computers a cool feature you can use is Strava Live Segments.  You can have your current status appear on a compatible bike computer while you are making your effort. It will tell you how far you’ve come, how much is left, and if you are ahead or behind a target. That target can be the overall KOM, your PR, or you can set a target. To do this you need to make the challenge segment a “favorite” segment. Go to the Challenge Segment page. Next to the Sunflower Rev It Up! Title there is a star. Click on that star, and it will turn color. The next time your bike computer connects to the internet this segment will be downloaded into the favorite segments section of your computer. The next time you ride, your computer will give you a notice when you are approaching the segment, signal “Go!”, and then show your status, and it will tell you when you have finished.
    • Instructions on enabling Strava Live Segments on a Garmin device are HERE.
    • Instructions on enabling Strava live segments on a Wahoo device are HERE.
    • Instructions on enabling Strava live segments on a Polar device are HERE.
    • Live Segments does not work on Apple watches of Fitbit devices.
  • You must register for the Challenge before you make an attempt. Attempts made before you formally register will not be valid. However, once you have registered, you may make as many attempts as you like.
  • Please take a picture of yourself with your bike. This can be uploaded to your Strava file on a desktop by selecting “Edit your activity”. The edit page has a box for drag and drop or upload of photos. On the mobile version click on the three dots on the top right of the screen showing your activity, and the first menu item is “Add a photo”.
  • Please share your ride to social media, and tag the Sunflower Rev It Up page. On Strava’s page for your activity, on a desktop there are share buttons for Facebook and Twitter, as well as a generic share icon. On the mobile app there is a share icon on the top menu line of your activity page.
  • Rides must be made on a standard bike. E-bikes are not eligible.
  • Here are the route maps for the 2019 route, for those interested in repeating the ride:

Sunflower Rev It Up Devou Hill Climb Challenge Flyer

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