Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event only for racers?
No. Wheels for Meals offers five routes for cyclists of all fitness and experience levels. 

Do I need a racing license to participate?
No, a racing license is not required.

What type of bike can I ride for the event?
A road bike is the best option. You can also ride a mountain bike, touring bike or single speed (with two brakes). A triathlon bike is fine as long as you keep your hands on the brake lever while riding in a group. Recumbent bikes, trailers and bike seats are not allowed for safety reasons except on the Family Fun Ride.

Is this a timed event?
All riders have the opportunity to be timed using RFID timing facilitated by Start2Finish events. This feature is for entertainment purposes only and is not used for any prizes, awards, recognitions or cut-off times for the ride. The Family Fun Ride will not be timed.

There will be a cut off time for 100-mile riders who fail to reach a certain point by the designated time. This is for safety purposes and the availability of SAG vehicle assistance. See the route details page for more information.  

The 50-, 72- and 100-mile riders will ascend the King/Queen of the Mountain climb by the default routing, but are not required to compete.

What should I wear?
Helmets with buckled chin straps are required for all riders and must be worn at all times. Headphones of any kind are not allowed. Also, make sure your bib number is pinned to the back of your jersey. 

We highly recommend you wear athletic, moisture-wicking and non-baggy clothing. Wearing cotton, denim or baggy clothing can cause discomfort and safety issues.

Can I pick up my packet on the morning of the event?
No, packet pickup will be open from 12 to 7 pm on Friday, August 20 at the Meals on Wheels office (15 Oregon St., Greenville, SC 29605).

Can someone else pick up my packet for me?

Where do I park?
There are limited parking spots available at Trailblazer Park. Please look for parking and event staff when you enter the park from Old Buncombe Road to guide you into overflow parking.

parking map.png

How do riders line up at the start?
Riders will be lined up by ride, with the 100-mile English Century departing at 7:30 am, the 25-mile, 50-mile and 72-mile departing at 8:30 am and the 10-mile Family Fun Ride departing at 9:00 am. Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before your ride’s departure time to gear up and attend pre-ride announcements.

I'm riding the event with my friends. Can we all line up together in the same corral?
The corrals are divided by ride. If your friends are participating in a different ride, you will not be able to line up with them. However, if you are doing the same ride you can start together. 

Are the roads closed for traffic? 
No. The Travelers Rest Police Department will monitor heavily trafficked intersections and turns, while marshals will be located at strategic points for guidance. Riders should obey traffic laws, ride on the right side of the road and follow the guidance of police and course marshals for safety. 

Are there restrooms at the start/finish or on the course?
Yes, there are restrooms at the start/finish line and port-a-johns at each rest stop.

Are there mechanics on the course?
Each route will have one SAG vehicle monitoring the course with basic repair equipment and first aid kits. If your bike is damaged or you can no longer ride due to injury, please contact the SAG vehicle driver or Mission Control for transport back to the start/finish. In case of emergency, call 911.

How many aid stations will there be on the course?
The number of rest stops varies by route, but each route has at least one fully-stocked rest stop with a port-a-john. See the route details page for rest stop mile markers.

What are the categories for the awards? 
Along with the great fundraising incentives, prizes will be awarded to the top overall fundraiser and to participants who raise the most money within set periods of time announced to registrants via e-blasts. Stay tuned to emails for updates on Wheels for Meals incentive challenges!

What if it rains?
Wheels for Meals will start rain or shine; however, in the event of a severe storm or inclement weather, authorities may decide to cancel the event and will make the call at the last minute. In the event of a weather cancellation, stay tuned for a rain date.