2020 Virtual Walk for Paws

Elizabeth Sabel

April 25, 2020 9:00am - May 1, 2020 1:00pm

Liz Sabel Walks for Paws

Help Liz raise money for the Brandywine Valley SPCA

Why I support the BVSPCA (and why you should, too!)

I've been a loyal volunteer and supporter of the BVSPCA since 2013 and can tell you first hand what an amazing organization this is. Animal welfare is an important pillar of my everyday life, and even if it's not front and center for you daily, there are still ways to support their efforts - donate today!

Not only have I had wonderful interactions with the shelter pets, volunteers, and staff, but our cat Peanut, is also a BVSPCA alumni. Separated from her litter and found at just a few days old, Peanut would certainly have died without the 24/7 care of the BVSPCA team.

Finally, there are so many amazing services that this organization provides to the community each year while taking in over 14 THOUSAND animals and maintaining no-kill status with a 96% live release rate across several campuses in PA and DE:

  • Low cost veterinary services
  • Humane education for children
  • Domestic violence support so individuals AND their pets can get out of a dangerous situation
  • Lost and found pets
  • Animal protective services (Unfortunately yes - animal abuse, dog fighting, etc. are very much happening in our back yards)
  • Safety net services for low income families struggling to feed and care for their pets
  • Behavior team to help challenging pets transition smoothly into their new homes

The BVSPCA is 4-star rated on Charity Navigator with $.93 of every dollar going directly to programming - so you can feel REALLY GOOD about donating today.

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My Supporters

  • Erica Deal April 2020 $50.00
  • Caoimhe Butler Liz, thank you for being an advocate for our four legged friends! April 2020 $20.00
  • Danielle Schloth April 2020 $20.00
  • Anonymous April 2020
  • Anonymous April 2020
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  • Laura Chadha Thanks Liz for your advocacy and support of those who need a voice!!! April 2020 $100.00
  • Annalisa Castaldo April 2020 $100.00
  • Deb Sabel Best of luck in your endeavor to raise money for the wonderful animals you care for! April 2020 $100.00
  • James Coll Thank you for all the wonderful work everyone that everyone does. March 2020 $100.00
  • Erica Deal April 2020 $50.00
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