Save Women and Babies from Abortion

CompassCare is Going D.E.E.P.

2X the number of women served in 2024 by going DEEP. God is opening doors to double the number of women and babies saved from abortion again in 2024 by opening offices in the world’s abortion capital—NYC. 

CompassCare continues to deliver ethical medical care to save women and babies from abortion in Buffalo, Rochester, Albany and across the world through TeleCare, an international telehealth system designed to reach women before the tele-abortionists do.

With nearly 40,000 abortions annually, New York City is the abortion capital of the world. CompassCare is now storming the gates of the abortion empire with pro-life medical offices in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx by January 2024 in addition to deploying mobile ultrasound units in high-risk neighborhoods.

To educate the nation on what it means to be human under God and the evils of abortion, with over 1000 media interviews and many published commentaries, Rev. Harden is preaching the truth of the Gospel and human dignity to millions. Look for Rev. Harden’s weekly column in Newsmax, reaching up to 30 million readers per month.

Attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers are designed to outlaw pro-life activity, robbing women and babies of life-saving care. CompassCare is actively navigating four lawsuits to safeguard your ability to continue expressing your pro-life convictions through CompassCare and other pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide.

2023 CompassCare Network Mission Results

Serving Women in 15 States

Serve Women. Save Babies. Never Stop.

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History of CompassCare

1970: Abortion Legalized
On July 1st, 1970 New York became the first state to legalize abortion. On July 2nd, the very next day, Planned Parenthood of WNY became the first free standing abortion clinic in the nation.
1980: Organization Launched
CompassCare, first named ‘Citizens for Public Morality,’ was founded in 1980 out of the hearts of several people in a Bible Study. The first office was opened by volunteers in Rochester’s 19th ward. The organization decided to focus on abortion as the most pressing injustice facing society, the name was changed to "Crisis Pregnancy Services."
2002: First Pregnancy Center to Medicalize
CompassCare became the first pregnancy center in NY to implement a medical model of service. At that point the name was changed to ‘CompassCare Pregnancy Services’ in order to reflect this new model of operation.
2005: Pioneered the Linear Services Model
The Linear Service Model is a step-by-step process used to serve patients in a consistent and effective manner, allowing for meaningful measurability for the purpose of improving quality of care. Armed with this process CompassCare became one of the most effective pregnancy centers in the nation at reaching women seriously considering abortion and serving them in a way that helped them carry their babies to term.
2007: Training Pregnancy Centers Nationally
CompassCare created the first transferable pregnancy center model in the history of the movement with demonstrated repeatability in a dozen sites from Lakeland, FL to Santa Barbara, CA; from rural to urban, from college town to boom town.
April of 2019: Adopted Three Buffalo Pregnancy Centers
CompassCare adopted Buffalo Pregnancy Care Center, Northtown Pregnancy Center, and Southtowns Pregnancy Center with a united goal of cutting Buffalo abortions by 50% in 5 years. In just two years, Buffalo went from reaching 1 in 100 considering abortion to 1 in 3.
November of 2019: Filed Lawsuit Against Gov. Cuomo
New York Senate bill S660 (aka Boss Bill) targets the pro-life beliefs of Christian organizations, including churches, by making it illegal to hire or manage staff based on pro-life beliefs. Partnering with Alliance Defending Freedom, CompassCare filed a lawsuit, CompassCare v Cuomo, defending Christian organizations' right to hire pro-life people.
2021: 3rd Service Location Added
CompassCare adopts Alight Care Center with the goal of cutting abortion by 50% in 5 years in the Capital Region, the third largest abortion hub in NY. Meanwhile, Buffalo and Rochester experience a combined increase in babies saved of 18% (456) and of women submitting their lives to Christ of 36% (258).
2022: Preparation for a Post-Roe America
Building the infrastructure by adding two more service areas, the Capital Region and online through telemedicine, to serve 50% more women and their preborn babies.
2023: Deliver TeleCare to 70 Partner Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers
Equipping pro-life medical pregnancy centers nationwide with twenty-first-century telehealth tools (TeleCare), reducing the time it takes to serve a woman considering abortion with a pro-life nurse from 24 hours to 24 seconds.
2024: Launched Medical Services in NYC, the Abortion Capital of the Nation
CompassCare began serving patients in Brooklyn, NY in January 2024, and the patient schedule has been full ever since. NYC is the abortion capital of the nation, and Brooklyn alone has more abortions than any other county in America. CompassCare plans on launching medical services in two more NYC Burroughs in 2024.