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Tuesday’s Child enables families to thrive through positive parent training, inclusive behavioral classrooms and support services. Our proven model impacts home, school, and the community.

Tuesday’s Child is a Chicago non-profit organization established in 1980 at Children’s Memorial Hospital by Dr. Victoria Lavigne, a clinical child psychologist, and Katherine Augustyn, an early childhood specialist. In 1984, Tuesday’s Child was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Tuesday’s Child helps families address behavioral issues through individualized training for both parents and children. Our evidence-based program centers on an individualized approach that enables our team to address each family’s specific situation.

Our program participants find that our professional staff and parent trainers truly care about the families who come to Tuesday’s Child. The passion they demonstrate is one of the reasons we have such a loyal and emphatic group of supporters who are an important part of our referral network. Our role is not to diagnose children with specific issues or disorders. Rather, we focus on improving the child’s behavior and setting them up for success.