You can provide Home, School, and Therapy for kids who are at risk

Many kids at Cookson Hills have heartbreaking stories. You can give a kid the necessities to help them write a better story for their life. Shop for much needed items that you can provide them today!

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How to give

Go to our Gift Catalog and see the different needs our kids have. Choose one that you can fulfill and add to cart. Can't decide what you want to give a kid today? You can go to Donate and give whatever amount you desire. 

You can receive a FREE Honor Card for every gift you donate!

When you donate a gift in honor of a loved one you can email a virtual card or download one to print at home. 

After you have given your gift, go to the Honor Card page to pick one out. Follow the instructions to email or print your card. You can let the honoree know of the special gift you gave on their behalf. 

HOME: Give a kid a family

Every Child needs a home that provides love, structure, and spiritual guidance. You can give a kid a home with married houseparents who love Jesus and are trained in trauma-informed care. Give a child the gift of a healthy family where they are a valued member so they can learn cooperation, love, and respect.


SCHOOL: Provide an exceptional education

Every child needs a quality education that can prepare them for a hopeful future. You can provide a fully accredited, private, k-12th grade Christian school to a kid. The school staff focuses on educating students academically, spiritually, and socially in a trauma-informed environment and integrates a Biblical worldview into all content areas. You can give a kid tools they need to write a better story for their life. 


THERAPY: Bring a kid healing

Every child needs a safe place to share their heart, grow from past experiences, and gain tools that help them write a better story. Kids are provided with multiple therapeutic opportunities, as well as fine arts and spiritual development experiences that aid in healing and growth.


Our Promise

We promise to honor your generosity and use your gift in the most effective way possible. Gifts will be used for the selected areas until fully funded. Excess funds will support the ongoing needs of our kids.

Charity Navigator has rated Cookson Hills a 4-star charity for 5 years, based on financial health, accountability, and transparency.

Cookson Hills has been accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability for 25 years.