Honor Card

You can receive a FREE Honor Card for every gift you donate!

Want to let someone know you gave a gift in their honor? 

When you donate a gift in honor of a loved one you can email a virtual card or download one to print at home. 

After you have given your gift, select an Honor Card below. Follow the instructions to email or print your card. You can let the honoree know of the special gift you gave on their behalf. 

Want to make it special? 

Include a personal note that let's them know why you gave in their honor and what Cookson Hills means to you. 


Want to let us know? 

If you want to let us know who you would like to honor with your gift, send an email to lauren.hard@cooksonhills.org with the subject "Gift Catalog Honor Card." Write who you would like to honor and why you want to honor them. Then we will be able to mention them in our 2024 Gratitude Report. 

Share your card in an email

Pick the card that you would like to send. Right click the picture select copy image, then paste into your email. Let them know that you gave a gift to the kids of Cookson Hills in their honor. 

Print your card

Choose a card and click the download pdf button below the picture to take you to a page where you can download and print your card. Then you can mail it to the person you are honoring with your gift.  

Still need to pick out a gift?

Look through our catalog and find the perfect gift to honor your loved one.