48 Hours in the Life: The Homeless Experience Project 2.0

Kaitlin Moore

November 17, 2022 12:00pm - November 19, 2022 12:00pm

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Welcome to My Fundraising Page!

My Why:

"I am participating in 48 hours of homelessness because I have seen how homelessness has affected my community and even my own family. While I see the effects my own privilege makes it very difficult for me to truly understand it. I am hoping this experience makes me a better person in my community, family, and to advocate more fully in the city."

About Aurora

Aurora is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the homeless and near homeless in the Greater Evansville, IN area. Each year, it serves over 500 individuals: men, women, children, those with disabilities, and the re-entry population. 

The Homeless Experience Project is Aurora’s new fundraiser and awareness event and its purpose is to bring a greater understanding of the struggles the families and individuals face when homeless in our community. If you'd like to support Aurora, please donate to my fundraising page!

My Supporters

  • Cara & Todd Gile November 2022
  • Sara and Eric Miller November 2022 $105.00
  • Kaitlin Moore Weirdly competitive and Boy I just really want to beat Dr Porter November 2022 $26.25
  • Katie Barnes November 2022 $50.00
  • Shauna Hofer God bless your work and sacrifice November 2022 $50.00
  • Anonymous November 2022 $2,000.00
  • TUMC-WESLEY CLASS November 2022 $1,000.00
  • Benjamin (current Trockman November 2022 $250.00
  • Harry and LeAnn Lehwald You and the homeless are in our thoughts and prayers. November 2022 $110.25
  • Sara and Eric Miller November 2022 $105.00





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48 Hours in the Life