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All proceeds benefit Justice Ventures International. Your contribution brings freedom, justice and restoration to those suffering from human trafficking and other extreme injustices.
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Your gift saves lives!

$10 - Help Fund a Rescue Operation to Free Children from a Sweat Shop. Children from poor, rural areas are especially vulnerable to forced labor in the textile industry. JVI works to identify and rescue children from slavery.



$25 - Help Fund a Rescue Operation to Free Girls from Sex-Trafficking. Young girls are routinely tricked into sexual slavery through false promises. JVI conducts studies in major red-light districts to find and rescue victims, and prosecute those responsible.  



$50 - Contribute to Aftercare for a Survivor of Sex-Trafficking. Once rescued, survivors of sexual and physical trauma begin their road to recovery. Access to health-care and counseling, as well as job-training are critical to ensuring their sustained freedom.

$100 - Help Fund Legal Advocacy on Behalf of Trafficking Victims. After a victim is rescued from forced labor, JVI collaborates with local partners to provide legal representation and advocacy services to ensure that survivors have access to their entitled benefits, and enjoy lasting freedom. 


$250 - Contribute to Aftercare for Survivors of Bonded Labor. Often entire families are rescued from slavery at one time. JVI provides immediate aftercare services and ongoing follow-up to ensure healing and protection from future abuse. 


$500 - Help Fund a Large-Scale Rescue of Bonded-Labor Slaves. Generations of families become enslaved through illegal loans with outrageous interest rates, and suffer threats and abuse if they refuse to work. JVI works to shut down these criminal operations, freeing hundreds from slavery in one rescue.