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Ovarian Cancer Institute

The Ovarian Cancer Institute is an innovative collaboration of noted gynecologic oncologist Benedict B. Benigno, M.D., and internationally recognized scientist John McDonald, Ph.D., Director of the Integrated Cancer Research Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Because of this partnership, samples have been transfered from Dr. Benigno's operating room to Dr. McDonald's laboratory and over 2,000 ovarian cancer samples are now preserved, one of the largest sample banks and most extensive patient history database in the world. 

OCI not only partners with the laboratory to provide pristine patient samples, but also strives to 100% support the laboratory financially each year. 

Often called a renegade, Dr. McDonald takes an "outside the box approach" to his work. He integrates engineering, nanotechnology, medicine, computer science and chemistry to conduct his successful research. The Ovarian Cancer Institute funds this integrated systems approach to ovarian cancer research which only the Georgia Institute of Technology can provide. 

The laboratory supported by OCI focuses on 3 major projects:

  • personalized cancer genomics profiling, working toward prescribing optimal and personalized therapies for ovarian cancer patients
  • targeted therapeutic delivery using nanotechnology
  • diagnostic test for ovarian cancer in Stage I or sooner which has been proven 100% sensitive and specific!


These statistics motivate the Ovarian Cancer Institute to continue the fight through collaborative research. Early detection is vital to survival. The laboratory has discovered a diagnostic test that is 100% sensative and specific. Validation is needed to take the diagnostic test to the next step of approval. We need your support to get us there!



The mission of the Ovarian Cancer Institute is to develop innovative research leading to earlier detection and more effective control of ovarian cancer; to investigate newer modalities of treatment; and to heighten women's awareness of the symptoms of, and treatment options for this disease. 

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