Thank you to our supporters

  • Anonymous September 2022
  • Cindy English February 2022 $50.00
  • Len Litowitz February 2022 $25.00
  • Millersville AEST Facilities Fund February 2022
  • John Wright February 2022 $50.00
  • Anonymous February 2021
  • Development Office August 2018 $55,000.00
  • Devleopment Office August 2018 $9,000.00
  • Development Office August 2018 $5,045.00
  • Development Office May 2018 $5,045.00
  • Development Office April 2018 $2,493.00
  • John and Jan Bratton April 2018 $500.00

Facilities & Equipment Fund

Why an equipment and facilities fund?

I think anyone who has ever taken classes in this department or visited this department, from the time we were a single-purpose industrial arts teacher preparation program until present, knows exactly why. You just “get it”. Quite simply, equipment and facilities are essential to a department such as AEST. The types of hands-on programs we offer are equipment and facilities intensive. But facilities and equipment can be tough to come by. Funding for state institutions has been significantly curtailed in recent years. We are outgrowing our present facilities, and grants will not fund equipment unless the equipment is required for specific research. So, we need to look to our alum, our friends, and the private sector for funding now more than ever.  The institution has generously offered a $50,000 dollar for dollar match for the first $50,000 we raise.  So please, give until it feels good. Let your employer know of your contribution if they offer a matching program. With your help we will build an Annex facility and outfit our laboratories with state of the art equipment.


Len S. Litowitz

Professor & Chairperson

Department of Applied Engineering, Safety & Technology

Donations will go directly to: 

  • Replacement equipment
  • New equipment to allow students to explore contemporary and emerging technologies
  • Facility improvements
  • Expansion of facilities





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