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Give our students the tools for success.

We are builders. But building would be impossible without the right tools to get the job done. And so it goes for education. Many students in our local communities lack even the most basic supplies to be able to effectively learn, and this issue is even more prevalent due to the difficulties of the past 18 months. 

That's why we are doing our small part to help, and in our 5th annual supply drive for Classroom Central, we ask for your support in making this year's drive a huge success!

JE Dunn is a community builder. 

We exist to enrich lives through inspired people and places. For over 96 years, JE Dunn has built a culture of  philanthropy, beginning with the company’s namesake, John Ernest Dunn, Sr. To this day, corporate and personal involvement in the communities in which JE Dunn works is prioritized. On a national level, JE Dunn commits 10% of its corporate earnings to charities, supporting 340 non-profit organizations each year. 

At JE Dunn, we believe in… 

Doing the right thing. Serving others. Fun & fulfilling lives.

Classroom Central equips students in need to effectively learn by collecting and distributing free school supplies to their teachers. The organization serves teachers and students in nearly 200 schools across six school districts in the Charlotte Region.

Help students overcome pandemic learning loss. CMS reports that 32% of its students failed at least one course, and recent studies show some students have lost over a year of learning due to COVID-19. This upcoming school year is a crucial opportunity to overcome pandemic learning loss. Unfortunately, 54% of CMS students live below the poverty line, which means 1 in every 2 students will be unequipped to catch up to their peers, let alone learn new lessons. But you can make all the difference for a student in need.

Donate to our virtual supply drive to help Classroom Central prepare 127,000 local students for back to school.





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