Ballantyne School Supplies Drive

Contribute to the annual school supplies drive today!

Join us in helping Classroom Central distribute essential school supplies to more than 156,000 local students and teachers.

Every dollar can transform into $9 worth of distributed school supplies. Financial contributions are 100% tax-deductible. Use your company's donation matching program to maximize your impact!

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Classroom Central fosters equity in education by providing teachers and students with the free resources they need to succeed. We serve teachers and students in over 200 schools across six school districts in the Charlotte Region.

Your support is more crucial this year than ever before. Every November, we receive updated statistics on free/reduced lunch for the schools we cater to. Typically, there are a few schools that become eligible due to changes in student populations. However, this year is different. We have welcomed 34 newly eligible schools, and what's even more significant is the addition of 38,000 students who are relying on our support. This marks the largest increase in our 20-year history, with several schools that have never qualified or required our assistance before. To ensure we can adequately meet the needs of these additional students without compromising our impact on those already being served, we must obtain more essential supplies like paper and pencils, which are crucial for both students and teachers. 

Donate to our virtual supply drive to help Classroom Central prepare 156,000 local students for back-to-school.





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