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Josephine's Story- why we are donating

In February 2021 at only 3 months old, Josephine received life-saving treatment for infant botulism at AI duPont Hospital after heading there with muscle paralysis, weak suck and cry, and head lag. JoJo received immediate diagnosis in the ER and strong advocacy for the anti-toxin Baby BIG, which was then flown first-class from Cali from the Infant Botulism Treatment and Prevention Program. With such expert care, JoJo's severity of illness and respiratory compromise was mitigated. We are so very grateful for the evidence-based care we received and the research to quickly diagnosis and treat the rare disease. As the botulism paralysis was halted and she progressed in a positive direction, her excellent care and treatment continued at the hospital until discharge 13 days later. Every child deserves such compassionate and oustanding care based on knowledge and research. Please help me raise funds in support of the children being treated at the Nemours/Alfred I duPont Hospital for Children so that their stay, and their parents' stay, can be shorter and filled with excellent care like Josephine's.  

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