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Have fun and help us keep your friends and family manage their life threatening allergies

For ten years the Allergy Advocacy Association has advocated for the safely surrounding our community with epinephrine and educating everyone to identify when someone is having an anaphylaxis emergency and how to treat them with epinephrine. We do this in three ways:

  1. With your help, we'll continue advocating at all levels of government for allergy supportive legislation so those with known and unknown allergies can be safe from life threatening allergies.  Did you know that half of all anaphylaxis deaths are those that didn't know they were allergic?
  2. Your support helps us move our New York State approved anaphylaxis training program, Epi Near You New York, on line. Over the past 10 years, many of your friends, family members, and local business have taken Epi Near You New York in person; some, multiple times. Your generosity further allows us to help non-profit organzations pay for non-patient-specific perscriptions of epinephrine. 
  3. By joining our funding efforts, you can support allergy research at the University of Rochester Schools of Medicine and Nursing as well as the Finger Lakes Allergy Society. You will have your finger on how the latest allergy and anaphylaxis research affects Monroe County.

As our founder, Jon Terry, says:

"Not another life lost. Not another life lost
to life threatening allergies."






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