We need your help this summer!

This past year has been a challenge for all of us but especially for our pediatric cancer community. Our kids and families have suffered in isolation and longed to be around others who understand what they're going through. 

We know our kids and families can find strength through each other and our program team, which is why we have a full schedule of events planned this summer to build community and connection. 

But, we need your continued help to make these events possible!  


Your donation will support hosting an outdoor family concert, three weeks of summer camp, and monthly socials for our middle & high school teens and young adults.

Our social events enable our kids and families to be part of a close-knit community where they can put aside their daily challenges, have fun and be with others on the same journey. 

Will you please donate today to provide an ASK family with social events that offer a community of support?





Pictured in the header is ASK kid Rowan, 3 years old, with her mom and dad at ASK Move Night at The Diamond held in April 2021. This was their first ASK event since Rowan's diagnosis.

Picture above is ASK kid Alvion, 4 years old, who is a regular at ASK programs and events. He often attends with his mom and baby brother who enjoy visiting with other ASK families.