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My team is walking to raise awareness for Autism, all disabilities, and the importance of caregiver support. All funds go to support SHARE, a non-profit organization, dedicated to caring for families where there are children with special needs.  

The goal is to make sure no one is alone in their journey.  We are asking you to help by supporting our team with a donation.  Your tax-deductable gift will make a difference in the lives of many.  Any ammount helps. 

I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

Our Team

  • Vanessa Saenger Vanessa Saenger Team Captain $0.00
  • Dean Saenger Dean Saenger
  • Diane Keys Diane Keys
  • Matthew Dorsett Matthew Dorsett
  • Christina Dorsett Christina Dorsett
  • Kassidy Lawrence Kassidy Lawrence
  • Kristi Diaz Kristi Diaz
  • Brian Mecham Brian Mecham
  • Madison Diaz Madison Diaz
  • Brandon Mecham Brandon Mecham
  • Jonah Johnson Jonah Johnson
  • Ethan Floyd Ethan Floyd
  • Abel Johnson Abel Johnson
  • Henry Saenger Henry Saenger
  • Noah Johnson Noah Johnson
  • Ken Dorsett Ken Dorsett
  • Linda Dorsett Linda Dorsett
  • Leah Edwards Leah Edwards
  • Adaline Ruiz Adaline Ruiz





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  • Diane Keys April 2019 $52.47
  • Villanessa Nieto April 2019 $40.00
  • Vanessa Seanger April 2019 $40.00
  • Patty Eicher April 2019 $40.00
  • Vanessa Seanger April 2019 $520.00
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  • Vanessa Seanger April 2019 $520.00
  • Vanessa Seanger April 2019 $250.00
  • Vanessa Saenger April 2019 $200.00
  • Diane Keys April 2019 $52.47
  • Kristi Diaz April 2019 $50.00
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