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The Gift of Hope

Bloomin’ Brands Junior Achievement Trivia-Thon 2021

Are you the smartest person at Bloomin’ Brands? Prove it!

Join us on November 10 at 4:00pm ET as we play some trivia and raise funds to support Junior Achievement programs in Tampa Bay schools.  This is a great an opportunity to virtually connect and compete against fellow RSC Team Members, have some laughs, flex your smarts, and raise money for a good cause.

Click “Register For This Event” button to join the Bloomin' Brands Trivia Team and participate in this live fundraiser.  All proceeds go directly to Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay.  Donations are encouraged but not required to play, and donations can be made whether or not you participate.

Everyone can tune in and/or donate!  There are bragging rights to settle, interesting facts to learn, and the joy of seeing how competitive we can truly be.

On the day of the event, grab your phone and laptop, a favorite snack/beverage of choice, then log in to the Zoom Meeting and have some fun!

For more information, please contact Jon Epps at 813-382-6487 or jon.epps@ja.org.

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