Helping local families create full, inclusive lives for their children with Down syndrome, beginning with our New Parent Outreach Program

Maria, Jamie, Rachel.jpg

Rachel Esteve (l), Maria Rangel & Jamie Burch (r) are part of our New Parent Support team.

Rachel is a dancer and college student. She also experiences Down syndrome.

Maria is the mother of 3 young children, one of whom experiences Down syndrome.

They brings ‘welcome to the world’ gifts to new babies, along with books, resources, and support to the families. But most of all they bring a vision of what the future can hold.

Buddy Fest NW Co-Coordinators

Mindy and Frome.jpg

Mindy Parker (l) & Angela Frome (r) are this year's co-chairs. Mindy, a parent advocate, is celebrating her 9th walk this year and Angela is celebrating her 20th. Angela has coordinated the walk since it's inception in 1999.  We are very thankful for all her efforts as NWDSA Program Director and for bringing this walk to the Portland Metro and SW Washington area for us all to enjoy!

Buddy Fest NW is our biggest annual fundraiser

You might notice the thermometer on the Buddy Fest home page and ask yourself, "I wonder where that money goes?" We pride ourselves on being good stewards of the donations generously contributed to us from the community, and maximizing every dollar for the  benefit of our local families.

Proceeds from Buddy Fest NW help sustain vital community programs throughout the year. Here are some of the programs that benefit from Buddy Fest NW donations:

rachel and baby.jpgNew parent outreach and ongoing support

  • New family and parent outreach & resources
  • Spanish-language outreach & resources
  • New Parent Guide & Healing Hearts booklets
  • Play groups & family socials
  • World Down Syndrome Day Celebration on 3/21
  • Medical and genetic outreach and advocacy
  • Youth Group and advocacy
  • Resourcefulness Center weekly drop-in hours
  • Twice-monthly Spanish language meet-ups
  • Free and low-cost workshops on child development, assistive technology, financial resources, state, county, and federal programs, behavior, nutrition, fitness & much more

Our work would not be possible without the funds raised at the annual Buddy Fest NW celebration

Bienvenidos a la Asociación de Síndrome de Down del Noroeste

Maria.jpg"Hola mi nombre es María Rangel, soy mamá de tres maravillosos hijos . Una de mis pasiones más grandes es darles la bienvenida a nuevos padres que comparten la experiencia única de tener un hijo/hija que experimenta una desabilidad. También me gusta apoyar a padres para que se sientan empoderados y conectados para apoyar a sus hijos/hijas.

Mi pasión se desarrolló cuando me convertí por primera vez en madre de mi hija que experimenta síndrome de Down. Y me ha llevado a hacer el tipo de trabajo que eh hecho por los últimos diez años. Estoy muy entusiasmada de continuar este tipo de trabajo en mi nueva posición con NWDSA/ABI, donde estaré concentrándome en las barreras para la inclusión."