The Biology Department has set a goal to raise $6,500 for
three important equipment upgrades.

**For every dollar contributed, your gift will be matched to
make your impact even greater!**


The Department needs $3,500 (which will provide $4,200 in matching funds) to purchase seven stereomicroscopes for use in teaching cell development and research by Millersville University students.

These microscopes (six for student stations and one instructor station with camera for demonstrations) will expand the educational opportunities for our students in several classes by providing new opportunities for course-based research. With these stereomicroscopes, we will be able to implement laboratories in chicken and sea urchin embryonic development in the Cell & Developmental Biology core course. In addition, students in upper level Microbiology and Mycology courses will be able to use them to examine the fine structure of mushrooms, other fungi and bacterial colonies to aid in their identification and study. These microscopes will benefit approximately 280 students per year and provide resources for additional students conducting research projects in microbiology, mycology and developmental biology.

Field Equipment Bundle

The Department needs $2,000 (which will provide $4,000 in matching funds) for Field Equipment that will be used for field courses, including walkie talkies, mist nets, bird banding supplies, GPS units, trapping equipment, thermal imaging monocular, and aquatic nets.

In order to succeed in modern biological fields, students need to be trained in the skills and techniques that will equip them for success. For biologists seeking careers in ecology, conservation, wildlife biology, animal behavior, and other disciplines with strong field components, the ability to effectively and safely observe, capture, measure, and track organisms are essential and marketable skills that will set Millersville graduates apart as highly qualified candidates for jobs and graduate programs. MU Biology Faculty are uniquely qualified and certified to teach these skills (Dr. Horton possesses a Master Bird Banding Permit, and Drs. Haines, Ligocki, and Wallace each possess PA Fish & Boat Commission Scientific Collector Permits). These and other MU Biology Faculty prioritize training our biology students in field techniques in multiple courses, including Ecology & Evolution, Conservation Biology, Ornithology, Mammalogy, Animal Behavior, Behavioral Ecology, as well as through authentic undergraduate research experiences. The equipment we seek funding for will provide our students with the tools they need to gain experience with the most current methods necessary for success in careers involving field biology.

Remote Audio Equipment

The Department needs $1,000 (which will provide $3,000 matching funds) for Remote Audio Equipment that will be utilitzed by students and faculty for non-invasive surveying and monitoring of animals.

Documenting and Surveying wild animals is essential to understanding their ecology, natural history and conservation. This is especially critical for the study of endangered or secretive species. The use of bioacoustic technology provides researchers a way to study animals in the field without having to capture them.  Students that have expertise in performing bioacoustic surveys of wild animals gain both a deeper understanding of these organisms and a highly marketable skillset as graduates of the MU Biology program. We are specifically seeking funding for innovative acoustic monitoring equipment to survey birds, bats, and amphibians. The availability of this equipment will allow students to gain proficiency in deploying acoustic survey equipment in field settings and expertise in analyzing acoustic data. Students can actively use this equipment for research, service learning, and in course-based laboratory experiences for multiple MU Biology courses, including Ecology & Evolution, Principles of Animal Behavior, Ornithology, Mammalogy, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Ecology & Management and Behavioral Ecology.





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