Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary Update

Dear friend,

As Brother Wolf’s new Executive Director, it’s important to me to keep you updated and to be transparent about the status of the sanctuary. Since starting my job at the end of January, I have been working hard to understand all aspects of this organization and to ensure that our animals are well cared for, now and into the future.

To better understand the scope of the sanctuary project, I will be reviewing financials, meeting with past and present project contractors, calling donors who gave large gifts to the project, and conferring with Brother Wolf’s Board of Directors, senior leadership team, and staff members.

What’s clear is that the sanctuary project was founded by a team of deeply passionate individuals who wanted the best for the animals in our community who require long term medical or behavioral rehabilitation. What is also clear is that lofty goals were set, resulting in an overly optimistic and unrealistic timeline.

Please be patient with me as I embrace my new role and sort through 4 years’ worth of information related to the sanctuary. Again, I value honesty and transparency, and believe our community deserves it. I will know more about the status of the project within a few months and will keep you updated about how we will be moving forward.

Thank you for your continued support for the animals,

Leah Craig Fieser
Executive Director

P.S. Please stop by our Adoption Center at 31 Glendale Avenue in Asheville to spend some time with our animals and learn how you can get involved in our No-Kill mission!