Dogs Village and Dog Park

The Dogs Village and Dog Park at Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary will include custom-designed housing for the special needs dogs in our care.

The facilities will be designed to minimize noise, optimize fresh air and natural light, and promote healing. The buildings will be situated in a meadow at the base of a wooded mountain, so the setting will be soothing and tranquil. Each dog will have access to her or his own indoor/outdoor space.

Dogs Village will also include an enclosed Dog Park with a splash pool and dog agility course for our playgroups. Dogs are pack animals and naturally learn social skills through interactive play with other dogs.

Many of the special needs dogs who come into our care have been severely abused or neglected and have very limited social skills. Our behaviorists utilize carefully managed Playgroups where our more advanced dogs can teach those who are withdrawn or fearful how to trust, play and be dogs again.

The Playgroups will also be integrated with our youth education programming. After orientation and initial training, youth participants will integrate with our behavioral teams to help supervise playgroup activities. Every Playgroup is a learning opportunity about group and individual dynamics, including fairness, bullying, conflict resolution, leadership, patience, trust and friendship. We believe that youth from all backgrounds and especially at-risk youth will greatly benefit from participating in this fascinating work.

We are now raising funds and building partnerships to complete the Sanctuary construction. You can donate now to become a Founding Donor to Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary and help build this amazing resource of healing and humane education.



  • DOGS VILLA TITLE SPONSORSHIPS  (3 available) - $100,000*
  • Dogs Villa Lobby Sponsorships  (3 available) - $50,000*
  • Dogs Villa Wing Sponsorships (6 available) - $40,000*
  • Dog Park Gazebo Title Sponsorship - $25,000
  • Puppies and Small Dog Suites (3 available) - $15,000
  • Dogs Villa Training Area Sponsorships - $15,000
  • Dogs Villa Dog Suite Sponsorships - $10,000
  • Dog Park Title Sponsorship - SPONSORED!

*Up to 3 year pledge arrangement available

If you would like information about memorial donations, special naming opportunities and monthly payment options to support construction of The Dogs Village at Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary, please email