Breaking News! Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary

Dear friend,


A decade ago, I quit my job as a RN to become a full time animal rescuer. I cashed in my retirement fund to start Brother Wolf, took a deep breath, and asked the universe to guide me down a path that would be most impactful for the animals- to help build a No Kill community.

From the beginning, I knew no one person could do it alone, that it would take all of us working together to accomplish this mission. I asked for your help- and you responded with great enthusiasm and support. Now here we are today – ten years later – where local animal welfare organizations work together to save all we can. We’ve gone from a 70% kill rate at the county shelter ten years ago, to a +90% save rate now.  We should be very proud of all that we’ve accomplished together!

We’re a model community for others now, and we’ve even taken our groundbreaking programs to other communities in the Southeast. In all the communities we serve, and especially here at home, the most urgent need we’re seeing now is a resource for longer-term medical and behavioral rehabilitation.

 Early on in our work, most of the animals we saved could be adopted out in just days or weeks. Now we are treating the most challenging animals in the system– those so abused or neglected, they require six weeks to six months or more of healing and rehabilitation. That’s where the new Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary comes in.

The expanded facilities and tranquil setting at the new sanctuary will provide these most special-needs animals space and time to heal at their own pace. The new Sanctuary will also be an educational resource: our Learning Center there will be a hub for knowledge and growth. Where youth can attend our classes promoting kindness, compassion, and mercy. Where other rescue groups can attend conferences and seminars on how to build their own No Kill communities.

Where people can come and de-stress from their busy lives, reconnect with nature and animals, and hopefully, be inspired to do something for animals in their own lives.

Today, I am so proud to introduce you to our amazing partners who have committed to take this journey with us. You can click here to learn more about our architects, engineer, builders, and project manager, and why they are as passionate about this sanctuary as we are. We were very selective in choosing our partners, as we wanted to make sure we shared many of the same values. And we certainly do.

We’re now in the final stretch of fundraising for the new Sanctuary- our goal is to move all our dogs and cats there by next June! Please take a moment to check out our new website for our sanctuary. In between the hurricanes and floods, our team has worked really hard to put it together so everyone can have a full understanding of the scope of this amazing project. Let me know what you think!


I’ve never been so proud of something in my entire life – and I hope you are proud of it too. People will come from all walks of life, from all over the world to engage in our work hereThis sanctuary will be a game changer for the animals and our community and beyond– I assure you. I’ve never felt more certain about something in my life.

We are a little more than halfway to our fundraising goal! And if you are interested in becoming a Founding Donor to our sanctuary, there are many different ways you can give:

Check out this page for all of our naming opportunities!

Thank you for being a part of our work for the animals and for believing in our mission and vision. None of this over the last 10 years would have been possible without your support and encouragement. My heart is full as I write this, thinking back on all we’ve accomplished together for the animals, and all that we’ll accomplish in the future with the new Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary!

For the animals,


Denise Bitz
President and Founder
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

P.S. “We can think differently but still come together for the betterment of animals and helping the ones in need.”  Read why Deltec’s Director of Sales Dallam Hart is excited about the potential of this ‘different and fresh’ new Sanctuary!

P.P.S. If you would like a print version of our new Sanctuary Brochure, stop by our ReTail store on Glendale Avenue and pick one up!