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I have lost an incredible number of people close to me to cancer. My father, my grandmother, one uncle and three aunts. Another aunt is a breast cancer survivor. I am “buzzing “ not just to honor their memory, but more importantly to celebrate to a brighter future when cancer can be eliminated.

One of my best friends is currently fighting glioblastoma, a particularly deadly form of brain cancer. She has been undergoing experimental treatments which I have given her hope that would never have been possible even a few years ago.  She is why I am “buzzing “.   It is this kind of incredible advance, making cancers that were previously unsurvivable something that can be defeated, that shows how very vital research really is.

So, for my friend, for all of my family, and for so many who are fighting bravely against cancer, this is a tiny way for me to say:   “I love you, I will fight with you, and we will defeat this together”.





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  • James Stella Dr. Mary Kussman June 2019 $500.00
  • Adam Derhake June 2019 $104.00
  • Anonymous June 2019
  • Anonymous I have removed a lot of hair from cancer patients in my career as a oncology nurse. Just want to give a little bit back to them all June 2019 $104.00
  • Blessing Hospital 2 North Ortho Nurses You rock Dr. Stewart!! We are proud to be a part of your team!! June 2019 $50.00
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  • James Stella Dr. Mary Kussman June 2019 $500.00
  • Molly Evans Donation on behalf of Dan and Molly Evans and Rishi and Hema Ghanekar: We're all so proud of you, Rena! June 2019 $312.00
  • Anonymous June 2019 $260.00
  • Mark Gold You're doing a great thing! June 2019 $208.00
  • John Barbagiovanni Go Rena!!! June 2019 $208.00
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