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Fight Medical Tyranny in California!

UPDATE!!  We are happy to report that, due to the efforts of We The Patriots USA, Regina has obtained a medical exemption for her son through Grade 12!  Please consider making a donation to help us recover the money we invested in this case, so we can direct those funds to help others in need.  We thank you in advance for your generosity.


To say that Regina Lightbourne is in a tough spot would be a massive understatement.  Her 14 year-old son has been denied a medical exemption for school vaccinations by the California Medical Board, despite the fact that he has suffered a documented vaccine injury, and has medical testing proving that he has autoimmune encephalitis, making vaccination an extreme health risk.  Her son is currently doing "independent study" at home, but the school has informed Regina that he will soon be removed from school completely unless he either begins receiving his required vaccinations, or his medical exemption case is reopened by the California Medical Board.  As you probably know, religious and personal belief exemptions are not permitted in California.

Regina, a single mother, cannot move out of state, due to her ongoing divorce proceedings.  She also is unable to homeschool, as she is battling breast cancer and was also recently diagnosed with vertigo.  There is absolutely no reason her son should be denied a medical exemption.  This is disability discrimination, and medical tyranny at its worst.  Please help We The Patriots USA help Regina fight the California medical board so her son can preserve his right to an education.

Please note that any funds raised over and above our goal will be added to our litigation fund so we can bring other, similar lawsuits, as well as all of the other litigation we are bringing in defense of our Constitutional rights and individual liberties.





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