- 2024 Incentives -

Highest Fundraisers by the dates below get a pizza party for their Cabin or a Cabin of their choice (One Winner for Oncology Camp and One Winner for Sibling Camp).

$5,000- Your name on a Cabin Sign at one of the weeks of Summer Camp

$2,500- Pie a Director's Team Member at Camp

$1,500- Facebook and Instagram Shout Out from the Camp Director

$750- CCC Socks

$500- CCC Water Bottle

$250- CCC Wristband Keychain

$150- Camp Heart Connection Shirt

$75- Traditional CCC Sunglasses and CHC Sticker

*If an incentive is unavailable, you may be provided with a comparable item. Deadline to guarantee prizes AT CAMP in 2024 is May 17. Anything raised after that date will still be counted, but physical prizes will be mailed/scheduled for pick up.

Camp Theme 2024

Coming soon!

Why Campership Challenge?

Children's Cancer Connection was founded in 1988 and Camp Heart Connection is a big part of what we do.

Camp Heart Connection's mission is to provide children affected by childhood cancer and their families a secure environment to connect, grow, and create lifelong memories.

We follow the BEST values:

Belonging- Camp is a family where you can connect with others who understand what you're going through.

Empower- Camp provides opportunities to build confidence and experience everything that camp has to offer.

Security- Camp has a culture of safety, respect, and emotional well-being.

Trust- Camp expects everyone to do the right thing and to take care of each other.

When you participate in Campership Challenge, you are joining others who want to keep camp free hundreds of Iowa families to attend six free Camp programs throughout the year.





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