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Make your celebration extra special -- instead of gifts, invite your friends and family to give a donation to the life-saving programs at CityTeam! The money you raise will go directly to helping our neighbors experiencing hunger and homelessness in your city! It's so easy to start a celebration fundraiser and make a huge impact!
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Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Memorial, Athletic Event, Sobriety Milestone, Graduation, Something Else!

Why Celebrate with CityTeam?

“I decided to honor CityTeam because I have heard Recovery Director Charles’s inspiring story and have seen first-hand how committed he is to helping others improve their lives. Furthermore, I have read some of the statistics surrounding CityTeam’s success with addiction recovery; it contends with some of the most successful recovery programs in the nation. I trust CityTeam to use donations effectively and for sustainable projects.”   - Rachel Seaman, Dedicated her Wedding Registry to CityTeam