Celebrate with Pinky Swear Foundation

Pledge your celebration or event to help kids with cancer and their families!

Make your own celebration extra special!

Pinky Swear Foundation is celebrating our 15 year anniversary and we need your help in raising crucial funds to support our mission of helping kids with cancer and their families with emotional and financial support. Instead of gifts, create a fundraiser and invite your friends and family to make a donation and help make an greater impact. The money you raise will help provide families with a child battling cancer with grants for stable housing, reliable transportation, utilities, nutritious food and quality time together as a family. These lifelines help the family focus on what is most important - their child battling cancer.

It's so easy to start a celebration fundraiser, and you can personally make a huge diffference for kids with cancer!

Pinky Swear has been challenged by a generous donor and YOU can help! Help us raise $300,000 through peer fundraising by the end of the year and an additional $300,000 will be matched to help kids with cancer around the country. Just know that all your hard work will be doubled! The fundraising challenage is open until December 31, 2018 and we have great incentives that will connect you closer to our mission. Get creative and have fun, and you can make a difference like Mitch did. 




Why celebrate with Pinky Swear?

- Dirk Pauley, IRONMAN and Pinky Swear Foundation Keeper