Would you join me, Santa Claus, and give a gift to Cookson Hills?


Why hello boys and girls! 

 It's me, Santa Claus!  I'm writing today because the good folks at Cookson Hills have a problem, and so do I, but I know you can help us solve it.

  Since I know where everyone lives, I can tell you that 80% of the staff at Cookson Hills live on-site. It's a marvelous thing to live where you work; I would know being at the North Pole and all. But the challenge is, sometimes I (I mean they) get so focused on the needs of the children, that they don't raise the funds to repair the homes for the supporting staff.

This is where you come in... Here's my Christmas List of things to purchase/repair for the staff housing at Cookson Hills: 

- three new HVAC units
- two new floors
- a water heater
- a new roof
- and a fire escape

I've even rounded up a few elves to help with this. That's why all funds given for Giving Tuesday will be matched, up to $38,500.

I’m sure you can see my predicament here. I cannot land my sleigh on a roof that needs replaced. Oh and the sliver of warmth I get after I’ve come down the chimney and into a warm home, well I won’t be getting that in those homes that are so cold without their HVAC units! I could keep going on and on, you know how I am with lists… but I’ll stop here for now. 

Would you join me in taking action this Giving Tuesday, by giving a gift to Cookson Hills? 

Merry Christmas boys and girls,

Santa Claus





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Join the other elves taking action!