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Charlotte Millington

June 17, 2021 8:30am - October 11, 2021 3:00pm

Why I joined the Labour of Love fundraiser

A long time ago and what really feels like a lifetime ago, I was the recipient of one of the many services supported by United Way. It was a rough and rocky time in my life and I had no idea I was going to navigate into anything that resembled a contributing member of society. Although there are many stages and many steps between the services I received and the life I have now, I will say with complete confidence that the dignity I was offered meant everything to me. It turned me into a lifetime supporter of the United Way. I joined this walk, as I have joined many United Way initiatives, because the work that is done for the community is measured in more than money. It is also measured in steps. I am committed to fully participating and walking every step of this fundraiser. United Way, however, requires funds to support community programs and run effective grassroots organizations in my city. Every donation you make supports another person, maybe one like I was nearly three decades ago, and helps lift them into a better life. Somewhere in this city is a person like me who will become a future leader, but first they need a little help making to adulthood. Please donate what you can to help me achieve my fundraising goal.

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